What I want from Twitter

I started using Twitter in late 2015 because it was the best way to follow developments in crypto. Now that I'm shifting my focus away from crypto and towards studying Systems Science, my needs have changed.

I want valuable information on topics I care about, engaging conversations, and connections that help me establish healthy community.

In this post I'll briefly reflect on each of these goals. In a followup I'll share thoughts on how Tweetscape can support me in achieving them.

Valuable Information

Crypto twitter has been an invaluable resource, unfortunately there is no comparably active "Systems Science Twitter" community. So I'll be spending less time absorbing information from Twitter and more time learning from books, podcasts, and conversations with Systems Science practitioners.

I've set up several lists to optimize the time I do spend on Twitter.

  • Systems Thinkers – Scientists, entrepreneurs, and organizations who embrace a systems perspective in making sense of the world
  • Political Economy – People whose perspectives on political and economic systems I value
  • Cryptogurus – My favorite thinkers and builders in crypto
  • DAOs – People, projects, organizations working on Decentralized Autonomous Organizations
  • Cryptogaming - Leaders and projects in a niche I sense will take off in huge way over the next few years

Interacting with lists via Tweetdeck helps me focus on the information I want to absorb rather than being bombarded by content served up by Twitter's algorithm.

Engaging Conversation

I've gotten comfortable using Twitter to learn from others and share ideas I've spent a lot of time refining. I'd like to spend more time sharing my thoughts, insights, and questions in real time.

Less overthinking, more connection.

More time replying to threads I previously would have liked or retweeted to see what sort of interesting conversations emerge.

I want to learn how to play the Twitter RPG well.

Healthy Community

Engaging in more conversations will support one of my main goals – finding a community of like minds that can support me as I study systems science. My goal is to follow Nadia Asparouhova's path of independent research and creating my own PhD program.

This will require mentors and community – the solo approach I took to learning about crypto isn't well-suited for studying systems science. Most of my work will take place away from Twitter, but I know that the platform, wielded properly, can help.

I'll share thoughts on how Tweetscape could become my go to Twitter interface in a future post.

Shingai Thornton

Shingai Thornton